Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fit Luxe: Green Drink Battle

 I love a good "greens" drink. I actually have tried many different recipes posted on blogs and Pinterest and am always eager to try what others are drinking. Now juicing fruits & veggies is kind of a long process ( cutting & cleaning) and the juice doesn't stay fresh very long. This isn't a problem for me on my days off but while at work, I don't have my juicer or time to snack at all. This is why these "on-the-go" green drinks work well with my schedule. I first tried the Naked Green Machine a long time ago and although its appearance is odd it tastes delicious. However I was shopping the other day and saw Bolthouse Farms has a similar green drink and it was cheaper so I decided to compare the two.

 Here is a side of the bottles where they have a friendly break down of the contents.
At a glance Bolthouse looks to have a few more ingredients and a higher mg content of a few of the ingredients in Naked (i.e. spirulina, broccoli, spinach, blue green algae..) Also Bolthouse has a few more exotic ingredients like Nova scotia dulce and Jerusalem artichoke...don't know if I would ever have the chance to consume those ingredients if it weren't for this drink :) 

Calories & serving sizes seem to be the same, Bolthouse has a bit more grams of fiber, sodium, and potassium but fewer sugar than Naked. One thing that sticks out in the ingredients in Bolthouse is the word concentrate. Now that isn't always a bed thing since I don't know their process to make the juice but i can't help but think of the frozen juice section of the store. Bolthouse Farms is about $1.30 cheaper (at my local store) so for me I'll be choosing Bolthouse.

...Unless there is a slamming sale on Naked.

Sweat On, 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

 Retired Athlete Chronicles: “Oh Crap” Moment.

It’s been about 2 years since my collegiate athlete career ended and I can tell things have changed in more than one way.

While enslaved as a college athlete you dream of the day you will no longer be owned by the university. Maybe some of you felt this also as a high school athlete. You couldn’t wait for “free time” and coveted non-athletes who got to sleep in, ditch class, and basically do whatever they dang well pleased. During my seasons, waking up at 5am to race to the sports center for lifting, praying that another underclass men didn’t hit the snooze button one too many times, wasn’t my favorite thing about starting my morning. Now I loved lifting. I loved it more than volleyball practice and that was known by all who played with me. For me the weight room was all about mental toughness and letting my competitive personality come out to play. But then I would have a teammate who would screw up something, break some weight room rule and the rest of the time we were being punished then the entire time I would think, “Ugh I can’t wait until I can work out how I want to work out!” I said that a lot in college. Also “I can’t wait until I get to eat what I want to eat” and “I can’t wait to do what I want” Well with how unfair life was at the time (sarcasm) once I retired after 4 years of playing ball I went on athletic sabbatical. I needed time to breathe. Take a break and give my body some rest.

2 years and about 30lbs gained later…

Woke up one morning, looked in the mirror and said, “Oh crap!” 

Some have that "Ah Ha" moment where a light bulb goes off and it's all clear. 
Well mine was a little more brutal and vulgar.
Those of you who really know me know exactly what I said, but I’m trying to work on my sailor/trucker mouth.

My rebellion had gotten me to a point I never could have imagined. I thought @#$% I use to be able to man handled 145lbs, do chin ups, run stairs for days, and bust out about 50 pushups before bed. WTF.

My “athletic break” has really screwed my body up.

So I’m getting back. I’ve got no excuses, seriously. I have a ridiculously supportive husband who works out for a living and has never held me back from anything I’ve wanted to accomplish. I have been coached by the best and am a trainer myself. (haha the irony is killing me) I am all about the pretty with the pain

Join me for more Fit Luxe & Retired Athlete Chronicle posts.

Feel free to take part in any of the workout challenges, recipes, and measurement updates I will be doing. With community support we are all capable of some pretty great things!

Sweat On,

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sugar Luxe & Yum Spot

When visiting my family in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to eat at the newly opened Southern Art inside of the Buckhead Intercontinental Hotel. Celebrity chef, Art Smith, has showcased his roots with a southern-inspired eatery with a hip modern touch. It's so hard to choose one thing on the menu when everything sounds so good. We ended up each ordering different things and sampling one another dishes. We loved everything we ate and can't wait to return.

Art Smith with Lady Gaga

The lounge

Sweets display by day

And by night. The picture of the drapes entering the resturant don't do them justice.
They are fab for sure.

I like the eclectic traditional feel with the patterns and of course gray is my favorite.
Southern touches with the pickled veggies on the shelf.
Check out the skeleton King Louis XIV balloon chairs. So rad.

Local artists work suspended from the ceiling

This sinful delight is the 12 layer red velvet cake. That's right..12 layers.
I am a lover of more cream cheese frosting to cake ratio. So if you are also,
this cake is for you.

Had to snap this lovely piece.
This was in the lobby and was obsessed from the moment i lay eyes on it.
King Louis would be proud.

Party On,

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Store Love: A Few Fave AZ Stores

A lil inspiration is all you need to get those creative juices flowing. 
I had a few places in Phoenix that always were so inspiring. I always seemed to reroute all event errands i had so i could pop into these stores.

3743 E. Indian School Road
Phoenix, Az 

The Willows interior has the most calm feeling when entering. I love every inch of this store.
The first Friday of every month they host a flea market outside their store and its always neat to see the vendors that attend. The store has undergone some remodeling so i can't wait to see the new layout.

  2324 East Indian School Road 
Phoenix, Az 85016

I wish i had more pictures of the this store! The French Bee has amazing decor accessories.
They're floral arrangements are seriously out of this world. I wish i could buy them all.
They specialize in silks but they look so real and flawless its unreal.

4624 N 7th Ave
Phoenix, Az 85013

This lil lovely, along with many other amazing stores, calls the historic Melrose district home.
I love this store and it's unique decor. Who doesn't love some Parisian inspiration.
Paris Envy also sells their own paint colors and showcases them on the store's walls
and they are the coolest colors. They have a more whimsical look but the display combinations
are so awesome.

I love these sconced panels. I've seen these used for bedside lighting.

I love lil stores like these and i always try to purchase at least a small item when leaving. I also encourage to make a relationship with the staff/owners. Small businesses rock, let's support them!!

There are soooo many more stores i love of course but here are just a few. 

Party On, 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Fit Luxe: Wish List

 Christmas is right around the corner, and is it just me or do things get prettier around this holiday?
I'm a sucker for glittery stuff thats for sure, but I'm even worse with work out goodies.
So here are a few things on my Christmas Fit-List:

My college teammate from Toronto introduced me to Lululemon 
about 6 years ago and I cannot thank her enough! Yes they are a lil expensive but so worth it.

High quality workout clothes are important in my book. When you push your body during a workout you are also pushing those fabric fibers and seams to their limits also.  I'm not embarrased to admit i've torn a few apparel items in my day. (old teammates reading this are not allowed to comment!)
I have a pair of lulu black leggings and they have been one of the greatest purchases. Not to mention Lulu has the cutest stuff so that sure helps!

This special edition ruffle hoodie is so tempting

Black for you edgy ones

Here are some other lil pretties that are necessary in my work out life. 
I kinda wish i could pull off the shoes but i think they're fun to look at.

Sweat On,

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Moved!

 It's been a few months now but i'm just getting around to blogging about it.

I sold most of my inventory in AZ and we moved to North Carolina!

We moved to Mooresville "Race City" which is just north of Charlotte.
It's beautiful here and I am happy to be back in the south, I always knew I'd return.
We sure miss our family and friends in AZ but now they have a fun place to visit.
I can't wait to explore this place and open shop out here. I'll be sure to post new stuff!

Party On,

Final AZ Events

 My last two events in Arizona were so bitter sweet to wrap up. 
You'll have to excuse the picture quality, my phone tried its best.
I rarely have time to photograph myself so i'm shocked i got what i did!

First wedding was a clean & rustic event. Burlap & lace with silver accents.

Receiving line backdrop with chandelier

All lighting done by Dusk to Dawn

Here is the food scape minus the food.
To add some organic feel we used boxwood and cream rose balls through out the decor.
We used the shabby chic pedestals & wooden dials to boost up serving platters/bowls.

Vintage door tables with burlap runners & old romantic novels paired with mercury vases and candles

Beverage station on an antique buffet topped with a moss runner

Dessert station

Sign-in nook with a vintage secretary and standing birdcage for cards

My second event was dear to my heart because the bride is a dear friend of mine.
Her theme was feminine metallics. It was so pretty and romantic.
We added the pale pink petal linens for some fun.

We topped vintage door tables with shabby chic pedestals and placed antique trays.
Also mercury glass and glittery touches with candles everywhere.
The sweets were all provided by the family.

The cake made by groom's sister, Melia Mason

Party On,