Monday, December 12, 2011

Fit Luxe: Wish List

 Christmas is right around the corner, and is it just me or do things get prettier around this holiday?
I'm a sucker for glittery stuff thats for sure, but I'm even worse with work out goodies.
So here are a few things on my Christmas Fit-List:

My college teammate from Toronto introduced me to Lululemon 
about 6 years ago and I cannot thank her enough! Yes they are a lil expensive but so worth it.

High quality workout clothes are important in my book. When you push your body during a workout you are also pushing those fabric fibers and seams to their limits also.  I'm not embarrased to admit i've torn a few apparel items in my day. (old teammates reading this are not allowed to comment!)
I have a pair of lulu black leggings and they have been one of the greatest purchases. Not to mention Lulu has the cutest stuff so that sure helps!

This special edition ruffle hoodie is so tempting

Black for you edgy ones

Here are some other lil pretties that are necessary in my work out life. 
I kinda wish i could pull off the shoes but i think they're fun to look at.

Sweat On,


Kara Jones said...

that white jacket is almost too pretty to work out in. Love that gold headband- and the gold kettle bell, looks dauntingly heavy. great list.