Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sugar Luxe & Yum Spot

When visiting my family in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to eat at the newly opened Southern Art inside of the Buckhead Intercontinental Hotel. Celebrity chef, Art Smith, has showcased his roots with a southern-inspired eatery with a hip modern touch. It's so hard to choose one thing on the menu when everything sounds so good. We ended up each ordering different things and sampling one another dishes. We loved everything we ate and can't wait to return.

Art Smith with Lady Gaga

The lounge

Sweets display by day

And by night. The picture of the drapes entering the resturant don't do them justice.
They are fab for sure.

I like the eclectic traditional feel with the patterns and of course gray is my favorite.
Southern touches with the pickled veggies on the shelf.
Check out the skeleton King Louis XIV balloon chairs. So rad.

Local artists work suspended from the ceiling

This sinful delight is the 12 layer red velvet cake. That's right..12 layers.
I am a lover of more cream cheese frosting to cake ratio. So if you are also,
this cake is for you.

Had to snap this lovely piece.
This was in the lobby and was obsessed from the moment i lay eyes on it.
King Louis would be proud.

Party On,


aryn said...

so fun hallie! that restaurant is amazing!

Almira said...

Hi Hallie! We wanted to hang out with you guys, but I couldn't find your number so Googled you and found this blog! Love it! You should definitely take that furniture re-upholstery class...and do my orange chair. It totally needs a face lift; something in stripes I'd imagine would suit it nicely.

Hope you guys had a fabulous Christmas + New Years!